Theme Weddings – Halloween

We love themed events. This year, we had a Halloween themed wedding.

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June 25 Wickford Sea Creature Parade

Come see Chuck and Ginny at the parade as the pirate and jelly fish riding in a vintage Mustang convertible as the sponsors of this amazing parade!

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Ken Cauley

Ken Cauley, my brother, was a primo chauffeur and ambassador for A Airline Express Limousine. He was highly respected and formed numerous relationships. He is sorely missed by his clients and remembered for his compassion and incredible smile.

We miss you, Ken!

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Law of Attraction

LOA….ask and ye shall receive…when you wish upon a star….four-leaf clovers…I believe in it all.

I have been agonizing over the missing piece of the puzzle to guide me toward my goal of 2014….fine tuning the social media component of our business.

Enter LOA.

I received an invite from Josh Bell, our webmaster who shares […]

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The Confessional

I was new to the professional chauffeur industry as a chauffeur and owner when I quickly became aware that we would also be operating as a personal and highly discreet company out of respect to our clients. Being a novice to personal travel I was surprised, and secretly amused, at the relaxation response the […]

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Prom Season

We are beginning to receive requests for Prom Season already. Our strict contract for prom goers and their parents is in place and ready for signing. Our 20 passenger salon (we do not call it a party bus),is very popular and affordable. But if one or two couples want to have a […]

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Safe Winter Travel

This past storm advisory cautioned us all to hunker down, stay warm, stock up, watch for school closings…the usual precautions and reminders for no’reasters in New England.  A seasoned traveler understands the inconveniences news of a pending snowstorm brings with it and rides it out. Flights are cancelled, airports are closed, connections are missed.

When the […]

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February Treat

Hearts and flowers, sweethearts, engagements, cupid, bows and arrows. homemade hearts made with red paper and lace, secret Valentines, champagne and Godiva chocolates, oysters, lobsters…however and why ever you celebrate Valentines Day…celebrate BIG.

Sing, Dance, Eat, Drink and Be Merry!! Hug, Kiss, Shake Hands, Blow Kisses and Catch Kisses.

We are offering a February Special all month […]

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You Need Us

Corporate Travel and Events….It is imperative to arrange for transportation for out of town business associates who are unfamiliar with the area. It is equally important to provide a safe mode of travel if there are to be social gatherings which usually include alcohol. Our 20 passenger executive coach salon would definitely fit the bill […]

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Finding a Balance

E-mails, Facebook, Twitter, PinIt, LinkedIn, Google, updating websites, networking,researching cutting edge advertising techniques, Positive Attitude, LOA.  ENOUGH!

Ahh…I vividly remember a poem from my undergraduate days entitled “Listen to the Quiet”.  It was popular during the hippie days, Kent State, protesting VietNam….to sit and listen to the quiet was in itself disquieting.  We were, as a […]

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